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"Our long-term cooperation with Nedap is based good experiences in the field, adequate support and high quality of their RFID portfolio."

Our story

The first point of protection

Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to securing their sites. At Nedap, we believe safety starts at gated vehicle entrances. We specialize in automatic vehicle identification and have led the way for more than 30 years. We’re here to help you address every vehicle access control challenge and find the best solution for each situation.


Automatic, long-range vehicle & driver identification

Our mission is to empower system integrators to offer the right automatic long-range identification solutions to maximise traffic flow at regulated vehicle access points. We do this by providing technology that enables frictionless vehicle entry and exit processes; gate access control solutions that automatically identify a vehicle and its driver at the same time, from a long distance. This eradicates congestion in the surrounding area and gives visitors and employees a smooth, welcoming experience. All while maintaining high levels of security, compliance and traceability.

A name you can trust

In-depth knowledge, continuous innovation and decades of experience have contributed to our solid reputation. We offer a large, varied range of reliable, high-quality access control brands. And this, combined with easy availability of products and expert support, makes us a trusted partner for our extensive network of system integrators.

People first, then technology

Our philosophy for developing technology is to always put people first. So we can ensure freedom in today’s fast-paced world, while also ensuring safety and security. It’s why businesses including Coca Cola, Vodafone, Cairo International Airport and many more trust us to provide protection at the gate for their people, buildings and assets.

Driving sustainability in vehicle access control

At Nedap, we're pioneers in vehicle access control, and we're committed to sustainable practices at every turn. We prioritize sustainability throughout our journey, from developing cutting-edge solutions to reusing products, which not only minimizes waste but also maximizes efficiency. We don't just create advanced access solutions; we do so with a strong environmental conscience, ensuring a positive impact on our planet. We're dedicated to managing vehicle access in a smarter, greener, and more sustainable way, as we continue to develop advanced technologies that benefit both our customers and our planet.

Dutch origin & worldwide sales network

Nedap Identification Systems is part of Nedap N.V.. We have headquarters in the Netherlands, and offices in the United States, Italy, Dubai and Singapore. And, with our skilled business partner network spread across the globe, we ensure the best commercial and technical support is available in your local market. Our readers are proudly crafted in the Netherlands, where a tradition of quality and sustainability meets cutting-edge innovation.