Mobile and cards

Mobile access control for visitors and employees with Nedap’s NVITE and app

Solution: Mobile and cards
Industries: Business premises

Ideally situated within two of the most beautiful parks in Romania, U-Center combines in one destination all of the needs of the modern office user. U-Center is a modern office complex allocated in the heart of Bucharest. The modern office spaces create a unique energy for visitors and employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused people to start working from home. It is expected that working from home will be flexible after the pandemic and that not everyone will come to the office to work every day. The result is that companies have to respond to this and be able to deal flexibly with the available spaces.

“We made this “touchless interaction” possible due to our full integration with Nedap technology. Nedap’s NVITE is allowing the employees and visitors to access doors, turnstiles and elevators by using the SpotUs Virtual Badge from the mobile app or by scanning the visitor’s QR code. We truly believe that SpotUs app together with Nedap technology, will improve the user’s experience while attending the office and will provide to tenant’s administrator powerful BI information regarding the usage of the space and possible future improvements.” Ovidiu Ciurte, Co-Founder of SpotUs Space.

Mobile and cards


For U-Center, Forte Partners was therefore looking for an access control solution that fits to the flexible and unique energy aspect the complex has. Because the COVID-19 pandemic has created a growing safety and health awareness, a secure and touchless solution was preferred. Aspects like visitor management, mobile building access and reservations and seamless parking where essential parts of the solution they wished for.


Helinick and Nedap Identification Systems joined forces for visitor management, mobile access and parking access. By integrating Helinick’s software platform SpotUs with Nedap’s NVITE reader, employees and visitors can access entrances, turnstiles and elevators by using a mobile app or scanning a QR code. The integration with Nedap’s ANPR Lumo grants access to the building’s parking garage.

The combination of Nedap’s readers and SpotUs software have proven to be a perfect solution to deliver the high level of service, security and flexibility for visitors and employees. The different systems and devices communicate and interact seamlessly with each other that is needed to deliver the high level of services, security and flexibility U-Center wants for its user groups. Employees and visitors are guaranteed a parking space and a place to work in the building or get easy access to their appointment.

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