Passive UHF

Nedap’s long-range identification solution uPASS provides secure vehicle access for Exeter Science Park

Solution: Passive UHF
Industries: Business premises

Exeter Science Park is a business park developed by the Exeter Science Park Company, a partnership between Devon County Council, the University of Exeter, the Exeter City Council and the East Devon District Council. It is a 26 hectare site located on the outskirts of the city of Exeter next to junction 29 of the M5 motorway. The mission of Exeter Science Park is to help innovative science, technology, engineering, maths and medical businesses to deliver extraordinary growth. The Park provides inspirational incubation and grow-on space, as well as support for innovative businesses.

“The uPASS long-range reader has allowed a quicker throughput through the barrier, whilst improving security on vehicle access. We are extremely happy with the positive impact the product has had on our client.” Mustafe Omar, Business Development Manager at Newpark Solutions

Passive UHF


Exeter Science Park consisted of two entry lanes and three exit lanes. To resolve problems at these entry and exit points, the business park was looking for a vehicle access control solution. It was necessary to reduce staff involvement in barrier control, relieve congestion at the barriers, and improve reporting data using a sustainable solution that has low maintenance costs.


For security reasons, the business park concluded that barriers controlled by UHF readers would meet their requirements. Nedap’s long-range vehicle identification system uPASS Reach in combination with Nedap’s UHF Windshield Tag is implemented to provide safe and convenient vehicle access without forcing staff members to stop their car.

Staff members receive Nedap’s Windshield Tag that contains a unique identification number and will attach this in their windscreens. Upon approach to the entry barrier, the uPASS Reach identifies the tag. The uPASS Reach passes the information to the barrier control, which opens the barrier. This ensures that the process runs quickly and smoothly. The same procedure is used on the exit barriers.

Nortech is known for its leading access control solutions in the UK and overseas. Their Norpass solution is an access management system that provides comprehensive range of features to match customer specific requirements. It offers a high level of security and personnel safety.

This cost-effective and reliable hands-free access control ensures safe and smooth passage of vehicles at the barrier by allowing vehicles to be identified from a long distance. This solution also prevents unauthorized access by vehicles to the business park. This makes the Exeter Science Park a safe environment for various user groups.

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