License plate recognition

Nedap and Spica provide secure vehicle access control and an easy registration process at Iskra Mehanizmi

Solution: License plate recognition
Industries: Business premises

The Slovenian company Iskra Mehanizmi delivers solutions in the fields of mechatronics, fine mechanics, electromechanics and electronics to customers worldwide. This company values the security and user experience of employees and visitors. A lot of attention is paid to optimizing processes that must be friendly to these user groups.

“The state of the art ANPR Lumo camera was selected for truck identification and announcement. The plate recognition and integration to Špica's access control system backed with learning algorithm proven to be a cost effective solution which substantially increased the efficiency of our logistics.” Slavko Ovčina, IT director, Iskra Mehanizmi

License plate recognition


Problems with the existing Time and Attendance (TA) system and Access Control (AC) system and the construction of a new facility in 2021 created new needs. They wanted to thoroughly regulate the area of the company’s visit, in a way that will make work easier for all employees and provide visitors with an excellent user experience.


Nedap’s long-range UHF RFID solutions and ANPR solutions were selected and integrated with Spica’s solutions to provide secure vehicle access control for employees and visitors.

Nedap’s uPASS Target UHF readers were chosen for access control for employees to the car park. For vehicles that need to be granted access temporarily or incidentally, Nedap’s ANPR Lumo camera was selected as the perfect solution. The all-in-one license plate camera can identify vehicles based on their license plate. With a range of action of 2 to 10 meters, the advanced camera ensures a smooth recognition of vehicles to the car park. Deep learning algorithms enable a high accuracy.

ANPR Lumo was also selected for truck announcement (delivery). The truck announcement system is closely integrated with Špica’s solution for access control. They recognize the registration number of the vehicle and check whether the data on the announced transport match, and the doorman additionally checks the data of the driver when he first visits the company. Carriers can select a time window and (at the time of arrival) a free loading / unloading point in the application for announcing transport according to the calendar. The system also transmits the data to the warehouse, where digital screens are installed, which show the warehouse staff the announced transports.

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